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Understanding Why Cellular Health is so Important for Your Dog

Cells serve as the building blocks of life, allowing for communication, adaptation to the environment, and reaction to signals within a dog’s body. If a dog’s cells are compromised, it can result in the failure of tissues and organs, which are composed of cells. Maintaining the health of a dog’s cells is key to its overall well-being.

The body continually replaces old cells with new ones, and providing the necessary material and energy through a dog’s diet is crucial to creating new cells. While some vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are necessary for creating proteins and other cell components, they cannot be produced in the body.

Pets Cellular Function

Cell membranes are responsible for two crucial functions in maintaining health: allowing nutrients to enter cells and disposing of waste materials. The semi-permeable filter in cell membranes enables this action. The fats in cell membranes are primarily responsible for creating shape and maintaining stability.
This is why Cellular BOOST is so important for your pet’s overall well-being.

Proteins play a critical role in communication between cells, as well as connecting cells to specific areas of the body. An example of this is the cardiac muscle tissue in the heart. In this tissue, specialized proteins called intercalated discs connect the individual cardiac muscle cells to each other, allowing them to work together as a coordinated unit to pump blood throughout the body.

In cancer cells, the proteins that help cells connect and attach to areas of the body may be lacking or not working correctly, which allows the cancer cells to move and spread around the body. This process is called metastasis, and it is what makes cancer so dangerous. In contrast to normal cells, cancer cells can break away from the original tumor and enter the bloodstream or lymphatic system, where they can travel to other parts of the body and form new tumors. The ability of cancer cells to detach from their original location and invade other tissues is due in part to changes in the proteins that normally anchor cells in place.

 Pets Nutrition

The fats in a dog’s diet have an impact on its cells as cell membranes consist of fats. Omega-3 fatty acids, present in fish and supplements such as Essential OMEGAS, are necessary for maintaining cell structure. Dogs who consume commercial diets are less likely to receive appropriate amounts of good fats like omega-3s, making omega supplements a useful addition to their diet.

Free radicals are a natural by-product of metabolism that can cause oxidative damage to cells. Stress, toxicity, and pollution can cause cells to produce excess free radicals, leading to damage and impairment of cellular function. Antioxidants such as vitamin C, green tea extract, and trace elements in fresh fruits and vegetables can neutralize free radicals and help keep cells healthy. Vitamin E is also essential for cell membrane health. Vitamin E is an ingredient in Essential OMEGAS.

Your dog’s overall health depends on the health of its cells. Cellular BOOST is a nutritional breakthrough for your pet’s cells allowing the cells to take in more nutrients. It also increases blood flow. Increased blood flow can help reduce inflammation in your dog’s body. Inflammation is a natural response of the immune system to injury or infection, but if it becomes chronic, it can damage healthy tissue and contribute to the development of various diseases.

When blood flow increases, it can help carry away inflammatory substances and dead cells, and bring in immune cells and other substances that help repair the damage. Increased blood flow can also help bring nutrients and oxygen to the affected area, which can promote healing and reduce inflammation.

Inflammation is a process that can occur in response to injury or infection, and while it’s a necessary part of the healing process, chronic inflammation can have negative effects on the body. In dogs, chronic inflammation has been linked to an increased risk of cancer, as it can damage cells and tissues and promote mutations that can lead to cancer development. Inflammation can also suppress the immune system, making it easier for cancer cells to grow and spread. To reduce the risk of chronic inflammation and promote healthy cellular function, it’s important to provide dogs with supplements that support their cellular health.

Cellular BOOST is a “one-of-a-kind” supplement, as it helps to promote optimal blood flow and nutrient absorption. When you combine Cellular BOOST and Essential OMEGAS you are maximizing the benefits to improve cellular structure. By incorporating these supplements into a dog’s diet, pet owners can help support their dog’s cellular health and reduce the risk of chronic inflammation and cancer development.  BUY NOW!